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You are about to order IT program Health and Safety at Sea Version 5.0.

Note: This order form can only be used to purchase one product. If you want to make multiple orders, please contact us at sales@seahealth.dk or call us at +45 3311 1833.

Please complete the order form and click Submit to send your order. Once your order is received, you will receive an email with order confirmation and instructions on how to download the installation files. We will forward a PDF invoice to the email address you have entered in the order form. Please specify if you can't receive a PDF invoice by email.


Should you need the installation files in an USB-stick, then we will deliver the same to the shipping company address. We do not ship directly to a ship.

Note: you can calculate the shipping costs, by the freight rates as per below table. Shipping costs depend on the number of USB sticks, delivery address and will be counted in the final amount of the invoice.

The weight of the USB-stick including package is approximately: 50 g.

Below is a table where freight rates are categorized by package weight and destination (PostNord):


Weight Danmark Grønland Norden EU Verden
0 -1 kg 90 kr 242 kr 221 kr 251 kr 293 kr
1 - 5 kg 90 kr 418 kr 260 kr 299 kr 414 kr
5 - 10 kg 120 kr 817 kr 347 kr 408 kr 710 kr
10 - 15 kg 180 kr 1260 kr 444 kr 528 kr 1039 kr
15 - 20 kg 180 kr 1703 kr 542 kr 649 kr 1296 kr
20 - 25 kg 262,50 kr 2146 kr 639 kr 770 kr 1553 kr
25 - 30 kg 325 kr 2589 kr 736 kr 891 kr 1846 kr
30 - 31,5 kg 325 kr 2877 kr 799 kr 969 kr 2037 kr



Members of SEAHEALTH are all Danish flagged ships over 20 BT and others, who have registered the scheme.

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Prices are ex VAT.


USB-stick package: 1 USB-stick containing the installation files and instructions will be sent to shipping company.

Link to download: Link to installation files and instructions will be sent via Email registered in the order form.

*Members of SEAHEALTH is all Danish flagged ships at 20 BT and up, including others who are members of the service.

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