Registration for hygiene course

This registration is for shipping companies, crew agencies and others wanting to register employees at our hygiene course.


Voucher code

In order to log in and access the hygiene course at the e-learning platform at, you need voucher codes. Voucher codes are sent via e-mail to the person placing the order, when the registration below is done. Every voucher-code can only be used by one participant. This means that an activated code is permanently attached to the participant profile after it has been used for the first time. Every voucher-code is applicable for only one hygiene course and can not be used for log in for more than one course.

Important: It is the person placing the order, who is responsible for distributing the voucher codes to the signed up participants. 


E-mail invoice

When you have completed your registration of participants for the hygiene course, you will receive an e-mail with an overview of your order. An invoice e-mail will at the same time be sent to the person registered as the person responsible for invoicing. The invoice e-mail is your invoice. We will not follow up by sending a PDF-file. 


Registration of multiple participants

You can register up to 5 participants at the same time. If you wish to register more than 5, you will have to submit a new registration after your first one.