Medical Book Update

The medical guide for seafarers will be renewed. The updating will be done in a maritime collaboration in which Seahealth will be the focal point.

Medical Book Updating is being done on the basis of a survey of seafarers, instructors and other health professionals. Among other things, the survey points to the fact that, medically speaking, the present guide from 1996 is outdated and the instructions in it need improvement. Updating the medical guide is long overdue so in the future the book will be revised more regularly.

The new medical guide is being developed in conjunction with the Mentor Institute and a reference group within the industry. One new feature is that the medical guide is being published by SEAHEALTH instead of the Danish Maritime Authority. However, the Danish Maritime Authority will still have to approve the guide and will be collaborating on it.


Mandatory on vessels

The mandatory guide carried by all Danish vessels is part of the overall concept of treating illness on board, which includes contact with Radio Medical and the medicines chest. First and foremost it is the fact that treating d isease on board is done far from other sources of assistance that makes the medical guide so valuable.

The medical guide is the main reference work for those treating crews’ illnesses and so it is important that the medical content is up-to-date.

Instructions in the medical guide will also be improved so that better guidance is available to those treating illnesses. The instruction book will be an extension of the training that designated first aiders receive every five years at the Centre of Maritime Health Service on Fanø.


E-book and movie clips

One new feature is that the package will include short instruction films lasting 2-5 minutes on for example how to attach a drip or insert a venous needle. The book will also be issued as an e-book and will have its own website. The new medical package will also be available in English and can be purchased by other ships than Danish. The medical guide is receiving funding from the Danish Maritime Foundation.

If you need further information, you can contact Carsten Gydahl-Jensen, SEAHEALTH at +45 3348 9311 or