Multicultural management

Crews on Danish flagged ships are becoming more and more multicultural. This means in practice that to ensure ships are safe and efficient, management on board have to be able to manage very different people, all potentially with their very own needs and requirements and view of the world.  


The project has multiple aims:

  1. Knowledge gathering - what are the possibilities and challenges when managing multicultural crews?
  2. Identifying needs - what tools do managers on board want?
  3. Product development - developing specific tools for managers.
  4. Implementation - providing specific tools for use by managers.

2012 was spent gathering knowledge and identifying needs and requirements, with development scheduled for 2013 and 2014 as the year of concentrating on implementation. 


Knowledge gathering and identifying needs and requirements:

  • Participation in Section 16 health and safety training in Denmark and abroad.
  • Visits to company offices in Singapore.
  • Tours on board.
  • Dialogue with company offices and crew.


Product development:

We already know that one of the really major challenges for managers is having to deal with different types of personnel. This issue is also very much present at sea when cultural differences can potentially make things even more challenging. 

SEAHEALTH wishes to develop a relatively simple, specific tool for managers for use in daily routines. We are currently considering ways of communicating the tool and have not yet decided whether this should be by way of a film, folder, courses or some other form of outreach.



Implementation, primarily in 2014, will depend on the specific tools developed in 2013.


Chief psychologist
Søren Diederichsen
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I can help you with

  • Crisis counseling
  • Employee retention
  • Reduction of sickness absence
  • Raising motivation and efficiency
  • Raising safety behavior
  • Co-operation between ship and office
  • Supervisor coaching and training
  • Organizational development
  • Mapping of well-being
  • Stress handling
  • Customized training