Seahealth is in the process of investigating the potential for developing a new near-miss database for the benefit of shipowners and their crews with a view to better knowledge-sharing and for exchanging experience.


Since 2006, our present near-miss database has received 2600 near-miss reports and the most important of these have been circulated to users of the system as Safety Alerts. Developments in IT and the need for even better knowledge-sharing have meant that the old database is no longer good enough to meet the industry's needs and wishes. 


The new database will make it easier for shipowners to file near-miss reports through their own system via IT-based solutions so as to avoid extra administrative work. With the new system, all shipowners will have access to their own webpage - also called MyNearmiss - where the intention is that users will be able to define which Safety Alerts they wish to receive and there will also be the option of entering ships' e-mail addresses if Safety Alerts are to be sent directly to ships.  Shipowners will also have the option of drawing up their own "OnePagers", which several companies already use in their safety operations. 


In addition to this, there will always be the option on the page to view and manage which nearmisses are submitted to the system, which will also include a user-friendly analytical tool to prevent similar near-miss events.  All in all, the new database will include many more tools and opportunities for knowledge-sharing than the present software and will be user-friendly to make filing reports easy and fast. 


The new database will also give Seahealth better tools for extracting statistics and doing analyses to support the work being done by shipowners on health and safety.


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