Project NEPTUNE is about equipping Danish shipowners and seagoing personnel to be more targeted in their efforts to boost catering, nutrition and health. 

If there is something that can get people going, it is discussions on the food served on board. And why should it be so, what are the myths and what are the truths?  These are some of the issues that Project NEPTUNE, which is supported by the Danish Maritime Foundation, has endeavoured to tackle in a 360˚ mapping process for the whole area of catering and nutrition. The mapping process indicates that there are three significant issues that need to be tackled if catering at sea is to have a boost: The company's approach to food and catering, the skills associated with it and the agreements the company has made with suppliers. 


For seafarers

In order to deal with the problems identified by the mapping process, Project NEPTUNE is developing tools and guidelines to help seagoing crew get the quality of the meals served daily on board improved. Project NEPTUNE offers advice and guidance for seafarers in various areas. This relates among other things to the whole area of hygiene, catering and provisioning and health. Seafarers can also get help with self-assessment, handover schedules, supplier contracts, etc.


Companies can use NEPTUNE's tools to find guidance on drawing up and implementing catering and health policies and to get an overview of the skills their personnel need to have when it comes to hygiene and cooking.


NEPTUNE's more practically based tools offer the cook and other galley personnel tools and inspiration for recipes - and tips and tricks from other cooks at sea willing to share their experiences with colleagues.  


Timeline and status 

So far, Project NEPTUNE has been through two phases: mapping and developing tools.  The next phase is about implementing and testing the tools developed by the project group for shipowners and seafarers. To achieve the goal of healthier, better balanced catering offerings on board, it is important that the tools developed as part of Project NEPTUNE are tested and assessed so that not only are they relevant in theory but also practicable for seafarers.


Project NEPTUNE is focusing on shipowners, shipmasters and especially cooks on board in order to achieve a high level of food and catering and not least, health on board. The various issues are each involved in ensuring high standards in food and catering and health at sea.  Project NEPTUNE has developed tools and guidelines for all groups of personnel and we shall continue to update and further develop our products so that they continually stay relevant in practice for Danish seafarers.


The project will be running till 1 April 2014.


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