New in the safety organization

The aim of the project is to develop a new e-learning course to enable new safety representatives and the new appointed supervisor to undertake their duties in the safety organization. The material must meet the requirements of the Danish Maritime Authority for a §16 work environment course as e-learning.


It is also important for everyone else on board to know why the safety organization is there and what it does and what it must do. Ratings should also know what they are electing their representatives for and everyone on board should know the names of committee members whom they can contact with health and safety problems. So the project also includes information for them. It will be possible for all on board to take the course. It is optional if you want to take the course on land or as e-learning. The course must be completed within 3 months after nomination or by selection.


Since it is seldom possible to go on a course immediately, new representatives currently have to watch a film and review a training workbook issued by Seahealth back in 1996. The film is titled: "Safety Group on Board" and the workbook: "Get involved in your safety committee.” The material does not reflect conditions nowadays, among other things with respect to multicultural crews. The new training material will therefore replace the old and address current requirements for information about e.g. psychological work environment. 


The current status is that the project will be under observation from a user group consisting of representatives from the shipping companies and selected occupational safety instructors from the §16 courses.


The e-learning course is expected to be completed on 1 July 2018.

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