Reducing hand and finger injuries

Campaign material for shipowners and companies wishing to ensure fewer injuries to hands and fingers by way of user involvement.


The campaign to reduce injuries to hands and fingers is aimed at decreasing the number of injuries at sea to the fingers and hands of crew members. The project is mainly intended for smaller ships up to 3000 gross tons but is also applicable to shipowners with larger ships. 


The focus is on five areas, when: 

  1. An injury happens because the body acts completely out of habit before the head has thought about the action. 

  2. Someone feels that if we want to prevent accidents, in every situation, we will never get any work done. 

  3. Someone is doing one of the many routine tasks repeated daily.

  4. Someone is the unintended reason for a workmate being injured, or they fail to tell a workmate or senior about some dangerous behaviour. 

  5. Safety precautions take time and so it is tempting to drop them when busy.

Do one or more of these five areas sound familiar?  Then maybe it is worth taking part in the project.


The way to achieve fewer personal injuries is to involve everyone on board in thinking about safety and not just leaving this to the safety committee. This can be done by everyone aboard taking part in a five stage process that SEAHEALTH is circulating, with material and support for individual shipowners.

This project should be seen as a supplement to the guidance on Small ships - special duties published by SEAHEALTH spring 2013.


The campaign is ready for use and is being adapted for the needs of individual shipowners.

Want to read more? Download the letter Safety takes time - less than a minute


The material is available in a Danish and an English version

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