§16 Instructor

Copenhagen, Denmark

Target group:

Everyone that wants to be a new instructor at occupational health and safety courses for members of the safety organization on board Danish merchant ships. 


Please register to SEAHEALTH no later than 1st of March 2016.

Enrolment fee:

Price of the course is 36.750 DKK excl. VAT (incl. hotel stay with overnight Monday to Friday and meals, but excl. transport costs.)


In order to attend the course, the payment must be made when the participants' skills have been approved.


Contact Anne Ries at alr@seahealth.dk. Your application must include contact details and documentation for your professional and academic qualifying experience. 

In 2016, SEAHEALTH is planning to organize an instructor-training course for health and safety training for members of the safety organization on board Danish merchant ships (§16). The instructor-training course is to be held in Denmark in week 15 from the 11th of April to 15th of April, provided there is a minimum of 8 participants (maximum 15).


Seahealth is provider of the instructors’ course and can issue a health and safety instructor certificate (§ 16). The course evaluates the amount of knowledge attained by the instructor, as well as their ability to convey this knowledge through teaching. The course concludes with a multiple choice test for which the pass mark is 60%.The results of the exam are not given during the course but will be sent to participants afterwards.


Course duration is five days as residential and despite the length intensively. During the course, it is therefore expected that the participants spend time in the evening to prepare for the next day. You can not do other work.


Obligatory course

The law says that trained instructors are required for health and safety training for members of the safety organization, also known as the §16 course.

So the course is obligatory for those instructing in health and safety (§16 courses). Having passed the course, instructors must themselves run a course under the supervision of an experienced health and safety instructor. The experienced instructor then notifies Seahealth that the training was satisfactory and Seahealth issues the certificate. This should be done within the first year after the course.

After qualifying the graduated instructor is also required to keep up-to-date on health and safety issues, including participating in relevant continuity training with at least the annual themed days run by Seahealth in cooperation with the Danish Maritime Authority.


Requirements for previous experience

There are the following recuirements for instructors' previous experience: 


  • Practical and theoretical occupational health and safety qualifications - including that the person has attended a §16 course,

  • Relevant corporate and labour market knowledge and experience of the industry,

  • Teaching qualifications


If you want to cancel the instructor-training course, you must write to SEAHEALTH at alr@seahealth.dk. You can cancel free of charge until 8 weeks before the start of the course. If you cancel less than 8 weeks before the start of the course, you must pay 50% of the course price. Cancellation 14 days or closer to the start of the course will be invoiced with the full price of the course.

If you wish to participate in the next § 16 instructor course we would like to hear from you in writing to alr@seahealth.dk.

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