Good leadership at sea

Target group:

All managers in the shipping sector (watch keeping officers, chief engineers, stewards, hotel/ restaurant managers/ catering officers, etc)


We have no open courses at the moment.

Enrolment fee:

This is a two day residential course. Day 1: 10:00-17:00 hrs. Day 2: 08:30-15:00 hrs.
Fees are DKK 4800 + VAT per perseon. Fees include training, materials (including A Good Working Life at Sea), overnight stay in a single room and meals.


If you want further information, please contact SEAHEALTH on or +45 3311 1833. You can also sign up for our Newsletter and you will receive information, when we have an open course. 

What is good leadership aboard? How do I best plan and communicate as a leader in a way that prevents stress and conflicts? What if my crew is multi cultural? How do I act if a crisis occurs?

As a managing officer aboard a vessel you face challenges on many levels every day. The course Good leadership at sea focuses on your work day and prepares you to handle the leadership role with everything that it brings in lines of daily leadership challenges and suddenly occuring situations that needs dealing with.

Content and output

The main aim of the course is to inspire managers to work on well-being aboard. During the course you will be working with your role as a leader in a constructive manner. As an output you will take back home with you a knowledge about why difficult situations occur, as well as a number of leadership tools. These tools you can use in your everyday position and they will help you deal with different types of conflicts and challanges.

The course will give a basic introduction to the following:

  • What is good leadership aboard?
  • Communication and information aboard
  • Handling conflicts and crises aboard
  • Preventing social isolation
  • Pressure of work and stress
  • Working with multicultural crews

Delegates are involved in training as much as possible and are expected to play an active part. The book A Good Working Life at Sea will be provided as part of the course.


Industrial psychologists Mads Schramm and/or Søren Diederichsen

Most of our courses are in Danish, but it can be in English on request.

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