Quit smoking courses

Enrolment fee:

Fees for participating in a quit smoking course are DKK 1,600 + VAT per person for two sessions and three conversations.


Sign up is made via the company as arranged with Seahealth Denmark. The company contacts us with approx 12-15 people interested in taking part and we then arrange a course with the company that covers their needs and wishes.

Seahealth Denmark has various offerings for ship-owners to help quit smoking. For example, we offer:

  • Individual sessions depending on whether a seaman is based ashore or aboard
  • Joint sessions for groups gathered by a ship-owner

If you might be interested already now in offering your crew Quit Smoking courses, please contact us. You will have to join our Quit Smoking Scheme.

Quit Smoking courses are part of a joint process. Companies in our Quit Smoking Scheme can ask for Quit Smoking courses for a minimum of 12 delegates. We design courses in line with your wishes (at cost). Courses are in Danish or English.


Courses are held in Copenhagen, Århus or Odense. Two sessions will be arranged with a Quit Smoking consultant with three email/phone follow-up contacts.

From a practical point of view, companies should contact Seahealth Denmark to sign up to the scheme. They will then receive the number of our Man or Mouse folders they require in Danish and English and can then offer the course to their crew. When a company has got together 12 delegates, we will then arrange a time and place for the course.

Quit Smoking courses - content – 2 day courses and 3 email/phone contacts

  • The company signs up to the Quit Smoking scheme with Seahealth Denmark and nominates 12-15 people interested in a quit smoking course.
  • The names of delegates should be registered with Seahealth Denmark by phone of e-mail.
  • Before the course starts, delegates will receive our folder Man or Mouse
  • At the first meeting, we prepare to give up smoking. The meeting provides help for doing so and depending on the numbers involved, meetings last between 2- 5 hours.
  • The date for actually stopping smoking is agreed with delegates. It would normally be within two to four weeks after the first meeting.
  • E-mail or telephone contacts with individuals will be made approximately a week after the first meeting.
  • The second meeting will be three days after the stop smoking date to provide immediate help and assistance in ensuring a smoke-free future. Depending on the numbers involved, meetings last between 2 - 5 hours.
  • E-mail or telephone follow-up contacts with individuals are made approximately a week after the second meeting.
  • Courses are limited to 15 delegates.

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