Ship and office at the same wavelength

Target group:

This courses for shore based personnel communicating with vessels and for seagoing personnel in contact with offices ashore.


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Enrolment fee:

This is a two day residential course. Day 1: 10-17 hrs. Day 2: 8:30-15 hrs.
Fees are DKK 4800 + VAT per person, which includes training, materials, overnight stay in a single room and meals.


If you want further information, please contact SEAHEALTH on or +45 3311 1833. You can also sign up for our Newsletter and you will receive information, when we have an open course.

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Nowadays, both well-being and efficiency in the company depend on good communications between ship and office. Daily routines are often busy and hectic and much communication is at a distance and often via e-mail or telephone. This presents some fundamental challenges with respect to generating the best possible relations.

Aim and content

The aim of the course is to provide delegates with the knowledge and tools to help them prevent misunderstandings and frustration because of mutual prejudices, imprecise communication and lack of understanding for each other's situation at work.

Please note that the tools for working with communication and dealing with conflicts are also useful in everyday management situations.

The course deals with such subjects as:

  • How to ensure good dialogue and relations at a distance.
  • Inspiration and tools to help good e-mail communication.


Industrial psychologists Mads Schramm and/or Søren Diederichsen

Most of our courses are in Danish, but it can be in English on request.


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