Hygiene course - elearning

Target group:

Non fully educated ship cooks, stewards, catering assistents and other who cook for thers.



Enrolment fee:

Course fee is DKK 995,-


Tap Sign up and you sign up to the english version of the course. A Danish version of the course is also available. NOTE: In the form you have to write the email address of the trainee. It has to be a correct e-mail that works, so the trainee can get access to the course link and password. 

The General Food Hygiene course is a certificate course and meets the requirements from the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration and comply with MLC 2006. SEAHEALTH provides this as elearning to make it easier for shipowners to upskill their personnel to enable them to comply with MLC 2006. The hygiene certificate course is called "Fingers in the Food".


MLC 2006 has become effective on 20 August 2013 and everyone who prepares food must have a certificate to show they have the skill to prepare food under proper hygienic conditions. They must know about, and be able to show documentation for, their competency in:


  • Self-assessment, including critical control points and monitoring procedures.
  • General microbiology, including food-borne diseases.
  • Hygiene principles, including cleaning, personal hygiene and storage and food handling.
  • The Danish Food Legislation.

The certificate course in general food hygiene provides this and is available in English and Danish versions.


Two ways of signing up:


  1. A person from the company or the crew agency can sign up multiple participants at once (up to 5 per registration) and then receive voucher-codes for the number of participants he/she has registered. The voucher-codes are forwarded to the person placing the order. These voucher-codes should then be distributed to the participants, who can use them to log in and take the e-learning course at www.prologio.com. Furthermore an invoice for the purchase will be sent to the company via e-mail.   
  2. The participants can sign up themselves and pay online using a credit card. It is also possible to use credit card for a registration of multiple participants. Be aware that payment is required for each individual course, and that there is only one course per participant.

Sign up 1

The company or crew agency signs up the course participants

  1. The company or crewing agency must register the participants at SEAHEALTH’s registration page.
  2. VOUCHER-Code: In the registration form, the company is required to fill out the e-mail address of the person responsible for the booking. The booking responsible will receive the number of voucher-codes corresponding to the number of participants. It is the booking responsible’s job to forward the voucher-codes to the participants, who can use the codes for log in at www.prologio.com and commence their e-learning course.
  3. INVOICING: The company will also be asked to fill out the e-mail of the invoicing responsible in the organization, who will then receive and invoice e-mail. 

The company can sign up their participants by clicking the link below:

>> Registration for e-learning certificate course in general food hygiene (English)


Sign up 2

The participant signs up him/herself and pays using a credit card (can also be used to sign up multiple participants).

  • Individual sign up is done by setting up a profile and purchasing a course. After payment with credit card the participant can access the course immediately.
  • Online payment can also be used for signing up multiple participants, but it requires that the person booking for others sets up profiles on behalf of other participants and forwards log-in information to them.
  • One person cannot sign up multiple participants using only his/her own profile. Only one course sign up per profile is possible.


Kursisten selv kan tilmelde sig og betale med kreditkort her:

>> Registration for e-learning certificat course in general Food Hygiene as e-learning "Fingers in the Food" (In English)


Practical information


  • The online course requires internet access.
  • The course can ”remember” how far you got, so in case you need to pause, you can return and pick-up right where you left off.
  • The course is taken through an internet browser, so you can take it anywhere with internet access.
  • The course is interactive, guided by speak and among other things offers a dictionary function. After each course-module comes a module-test, which must be passed in order to advance to the next module. The course finishes with a final test, and afterwards offers a print of a personal certificate.
  • The final test in the course is locked and requires the participants login. The final test can only be taken, when the participant has completed all seven modules. This means that the participant cannot skip any of the modules. The participants are also required to open up each new module with a brief “test yourself” at the end of every previous module.
  • The “test yourself”-questions are similar to the questions at the final test, so it is a good idea to train yourself with them during the course.
  • The questions for the final test are drawn randomly from a big pot of questions. This means that the test never contain exactly the same questions in the same order.
  • The final test is a multiple choice and the participant need at least 90% correct answers to pass. If the participant fails the test he/she is able to retake it immediately. When passing the test, the certificate-ikon opens and offers the opportunity to print a certificate. Notice that your immediate manager must sign the certificate in order to validate it.
  • Remember to turn up the volume on your computer, so you also get the sound part. Use earplugs or headphones.
  • You can choose to pause, rewind or fast forward, so you can revisit soundbites if you miss them. You can also get a visual of the text read aloud by the speaker by clicking the T-icon.
  • If you wish to watch the movies, we recommend downloading them on a steady internet connection and viewing them on your computer.

Now you have a certificate, which your company needs a copy of in order to demonstrate that the right skills are present in the galley. Enjoy.


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E-mail: support@moch.dk