Go-home-meeting: How to avoid getting sick from chemicals

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Go-home-meeting: How to avoid getting sick from chemicals



How to avoid getting sick from chemicals

31 January 2017 at 15.00 - 17.00


Chemicals can cause serious illnesses to you and your colleagues 

Working with chemicals can lead to accidents or cause eczema, respiratory problems and in worst case cancer. We can't have that. Therefore, SEAHEALTH invites you for a go-home-meeting about chemicals in our house on Højnæsvej 56 in Rødovre.


Based on the experiences from the accidents at Vestas and Siemens, our on-land expert group will give advice on how to work properly with chemicals. These experiences will be related to working on board ships. You will also get answers to what happens on 1 June 2017 and how to prevent damages from chemicals in general.


Senior Health and Safety Consultant Anne Ries will host the meeting with the following program for the afternoon:


"News from Working Environment on land"

"Protection against epoxy and isocyanate

- the end of sickness caused by dangerous chemicals

Peter Herskind (Dansk Industri)

Jan Toft Rasmussen (Dansk Metal)


SEAHEALTH 10 key points on Epoxy paint 



Time for a clean-up

New labelling system and deadline 1st of June 2017



Film presentation

"Chemicals - Take care of yourself and others" 

- all dangerous chemicals


Please notice that the meeting will be held in Danish and is free of charge. If you wish to participate, please send a mail to alr@seahealth.dk. Deadline for registration is Tuesday January 24 2017. 


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