New Medical Guide for Seafarers

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The new Medical Guide for Seafarers is authorised by the Danish Maritime Authority and is a completely new, updated medical guide for maritime use. Updating the Danish Maritime Authority’s medical guide from 1996 has long been on the wish list and with funding from The Danish Maritime Fund and swith SEAHEALTH as publisher, this has now been achieved.


The new Medical Guide has just been released. It is easy to read and designed for the conditions found at sea. As a new feature, it is accompanied by 17 instruction films which give the person providing treatment the opportunity to see the procedures on film before getting started.


It is a long way to the doctor when you are at sea. If someone falls ill or gets injured on board, the person in charge of medical care can help with everything from dispensing medicine to treating injuries. Persons in charge of medical care are backed up by Radio Medical, the ship’s medicine chest and now also a completely new, easily accessible medical guide. The guide gives a practical overview of what to do if accidents happen and there are many miles to the nearest clinic.


Step-by-step guides

The new medical guide comes as a printed book, website and e-book. It contains information on ordinary and serious illnesses, symptoms and treatment, with step-by-step procedures for what to do if an accident happens, what can be treated on board and what requires a trip to a doctor.


Based on practical experience at sea

Many groups of professionals assisted with the new Medical Guide for Seafarers. For example, A2Sea master Runi Fjallstein helped ensure that the content reflects the practicalities of the work done by seafarers on board.


He felt it was also extremely important for the guide to be user friendly, with the chapters structured in a uniform way to make them easy and quick to use in practice:


”The old medical guide had not been updated to reflect the way we now work. The new medical guide means we are free of all the extra loose pages stuck into the old guide. I think that the guide is easy to understand and there are good illustrations for exactly what to do in various situations,” he explains.


User friendliness essential

User friendliness was the critical driving factor in every facet of producing the guide. So it is richly illustrated with simple descriptions of the various methods and procedures.


Short instruction films accompany the guide to help understanding.


The guide has been produced in conjunction with a broadly-based observer group with representatives of Radio Medical, the medical training centre on Fanø, Danish Patient Safety Authority and
individuals from the industry representing seafarers and fishermen.


Facts about the new Medical Guide for  Seafarers


  • The Medical Guide for Seafarers is authorised by the Danish Maritime Authority and is available in Danish and English.
  • The guide will not be circulated
    to ships automatically but
    needs to be ordered, either via
    SEAHEALTH’s website:, or by email to:
  • The guide costs DKK 950 ex VAT. for SEAHEALTH members.
  • The guide is accompanied by 17 instruction films and access to website and e-book.