Safety Recruitment Assessment

The Safety Recruitment assessment is a tool to predict a person's safety behavior in the work place. The assessment looks at three vital dimensions when it comes to safety behavior:

  1. Individual knowledge,
  2. Personality and
  3. Logical reasoning and problem solving abilities.

The tool can be helpful, as assessment results can be used to qualify decision making in a recruitment process, to identify training needs, establish teams, etc.


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Chief psychologist
Søren Diederichsen
+45 3311 1833
+45 2785 7335

I can help you with

  • Crisis counseling
  • Employee retention
  • Reduction of sickness absence
  • Raising motivation and efficiency
  • Raising safety behavior
  • Co-operation between ship and office
  • Supervisor coaching and training
  • Organizational development
  • Mapping of well-being
  • Stress handling
  • Customized training