The ten commandments on well-being

What can we do to promote well-being on board?  What is important and what is not?  Seahealth has drawn up ten commandments on well-being.

In our survey on well-being at sea, it turned out that factors such as recognition, a feeling of fellowship, the possibility of using your skills and of learning something new are highly important for seagoing crew. A general willingness to listen to problems, the willingness of the company organisation to listen and the ability of senior officers to pass on important information mean a lot to seafarers.

The Ten Commandments

There are 10 points which are especially important for well-being when working on board. These are as follows:

  • You must feel motivated and involved in your work.
  • Your immediate superior must be willing to listen to any problems you have with work.
  • You efforts must be recognised.
  • You must be part of a community on board, both when off and on duty.
  • You must have good relations with the company.
  • The company organization ashore must respond /react to the crew's suggestions and wishes.
  • The company must trust the crew to do a good job of work and be willing to listen to suggestions and wishes while also showing confidence in crew on board their ships.
  • You must feel well-informed.
  • You must have the opportunity to learn something new at work.
  • Work must be challenging with opportunities for development.

Read the press release on the well-being survey - A Good Working Life at Sea (in Danish)

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