21st Century Industry

SEAHEALTH continually seeks to improve the safety, health and well-being of seafarers and contribute to a safer and more efficient maritime working environment.


Established over 20 years ago to support Danish-flagged ships, SEAHEALTH has won an international reputation for offering solutions and guidance relating to on board and onshore issues. This global standing has led, in recent years, to seafarers and ship owners worldwide accessing SEAHEALTH’s knowledge and services.

With a management board consisting of the representatives of shipowners and seafarers, it is an independent non-profit making body with the principal aim of advancing occupational health and making the working environment of one of the world’s oldest and most vital industries, fit for purpose in the 21st Century.

The SEAHEALTH secretariat

SEAHEALTH secretariat is situated in Højnæsvej 56, Rødovre. There are good public transport links from Rødovre station and it is possible to take either bus 161 or 200S which stop a few minutes' walk from the secretariat. There is additional free parking right next to.


You are welcome to contact the secretariat through mail info@seahealth.dk or phone +45 3311 1833.


Broad role, sharp focus

The role of SEAHEALTH is as wide as the industry it has become an integral part of. Respecting the temptation to cover all issues, SEAHEALTH takes in the wide picture, but still continually responds to industry-driven requests to deal with specific topics relating to health and the working environment. 

The portfolio is broad. Consultants specialise in meeting individuals or groups in need of advice or support. The knowledge that emerged has been merged into a library of guidelines, booklets and programs. 

Regular on board visits allow consultants to observe and to pass on knowledge. Online support is also constant and two-way. The Nearmiss database works because of the commitment of all, for the benefit of all. Hazardous chemicals are logged and correct handling detailed in a database. 

Occupational health is a vast area, from stilling behind a desk to hauling mooring lines, whilst well-being extends from psychological support to prolonged campaigns like Neptune which helped drive home the need for improved hygiene and better food on board.


Knowledge is for Sharing

SEAHEALTH’s growing product range, diverse in topics, similar in style, is common in aim, that of spreading knowledge and best practice.

Over twenty years of being part of the shipping industry is contained in an ever-growing library of specialist safety, health and well-being knowledge. The authors are experts, the information fundamental yet enlightening, much of it written by seafarers, for seafarers. 

The books and learning programs are available to everyone, including, at cost, to non-members.

Become a Member

From small boats to huge container vessels, all Danish flagged ships are required to join and therefore automatically benefit from SEAHEALTH’s broad range of services and publications. For an annual fee, other flagged vessels are welcome to become members.



Head of Department

Vivek Menon

Email: vm@seahealth.dk

+45 3311 1833

+45 2960 7427

I can help you with:

  • General questions on projects and consultancy
  • Inquiries on emergency counselling
  • The MSSM conference