Accident Prevention

Working on safety at sea is anchored in management and the safety organisation. The introduction of ISM has boosted safety processes but accidents still happen.

More work needs to be done on:

  • Specific management of risks aboard and
  • Behaviour and attitudes to safety.


How we work on accident prevention

Seahealth Denmark can for example:

  • Do a complete environmental review of the vessel
  • Assist in drawing up specific workplace risk assessments for individual dangerous work processes aboard
  • Help smaller vessels without their own shipping organisation to make a start on implementing good safety processes
  • Give various presentations on safety, prevention, etc., at officer meetings, shipowner meetings or other relevant occasions
  • Assist shipowners with a review of design /construction when converting vessels and in newbuildings.

A review of the vessel with a professional consultant from Seahealth Denmark brings fresh eyes to risk factors and a professional approach to removing or reducing risk.

We work with the crew to identify solutions and assignments are adjusted to the needs of individual vessels. We draw up everything from reminder lists to major reports depending on your needs.

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Accidents that almost happen - near-misses

Currently much work is being done on the safety culture aboard and influencing attitudes. The work we do on near-misses is part of this process. is the sector's own database where companies can report near-miss events from which others can learn. We circulate some of these reports anonymously as "Safety Alerts".

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Accident prevention material

We have published a range of material for accident prevention and regularly run campaigns focusing on safety aboard.

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Want to know more?

If you would like more information on accident prevention you can find relevant information here:

Rules and regulations:

>> Danish Maritime Authority

Investigating accidents:

>> Danish Maritime Accident Investigation Board

>> Search online in "Dansk sø-ulykke statistik" (page in English)

International links


>> Safety at sea international

>> Occupational safety and health administration (USA) OSHA

>> EMSA (European Maritime Safety Agency)


Accident prevention at land

>> Zero accidents: Danish Working Environment Authorities

Senior Occupational Health Consultant

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I can help you with:

  • The 8 Safety Links
  • Accident prevention in general
  • Guidance on mooring
  • Welfare-enhancing projects
  • Consultancy
  • The program Health and Safety at Sea