Action Plan

With basis in the indivual risks you have mapped earlier in the process you now to create an action plan. You need to approach each risk and set up preventive measures, instruction and future action plans. See example below.

The information that should be included in the action plan must enable the supervisor or whoever is responsible for doing the job to manage and do the job without the risks.
You should describe how you mean to protect yourselves against the risk you have identified. You should use the principles of prevention (LINKED) when identifying how you should protect yourselves.

An action plan must give details of who should be informed and how before work starts. For example which piping systems should be blanked off and how or the pumps that are to be disconnected and how.

Finally an action plan should include instructions on how to involve the people who will be doing the job and how to check that the job has been completed – correctly.

At the end of the action plan, assess the various risks again to see whether your actions have made the level of risk acceptable




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