Aids and Equipment

When are you going to need aids and equipment to perform a working task? How do you choose the most appropriate tool, and how do you use it in a correct manner?


You should use aids and equipment:

  • When it would be too risky to do a job without them.
  • When it is too much of a strain to do the job manually.
  • When it would not be possible to do the job without them.

This manual refers to the following aids and equipment you can use aboard ships:

  • Equipment - fixed workplaces: Adjustable height tables oven trolleys.
  • Equipment - cleaning: Cleaning trolleys, vacuum cleaners, mops, kickers, stools, ladders.
  • Lashing gear: Trailer trestles, lashing gear trolleys.
  • Lifting gear, etc.: Tackle, strops, wires, jacks, lifting yokes.
  • Trucks and internal transport equipment: Fork lift and pallet trucks (possibly self-propelled), trucks, catering trolleys (possibly height adjustable), cage trolleys.

Choice of aids and equipment

When you have to choose the equipment to use, take the following into account:

  • Is it suitable for the job and can it be used in that particular working area?
  • Is it easy to use with a good working posture?
  • Are there any risks involved in its use?
  • What does its maintenance require?

Use of equiptment

  • Printed instructions in the working language should be available.
  • Training in equipment use should be given, including:
  •      What jobs should it be used for?
  •      How to have the best working posture when using it
  • Before using it, make sure it works properly. Any defects and deficiencies should be reported to the maintenance supervisor.

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