A Brief Status on REACH

The Danish Maritime Authority and the Danish Environmental Protection Agency have prepared an interpretation of importer status in connection with bunker oil. In general, this means that shipowners are not covered by the importer obligations.

As regards demands to the end user, the regulations in Notice A from the Danish Maritime Authority Chapter II A have been changed in December 2009.

>> The regulations you can find here.

Besides this, the REACH Regulation applies to Danish ships. The Danish Environmental Protection Agency is responsible for the REACH Regulation.

>> Read more about REACH on the Danish Environmental Protection Agency’s home page.

As of the summer 2007, it can generally be said that REACH required safety data sheets on all dangerous chemicals. Apart from this, there is also a requirement of storage information on chemicals used for 10 years, and also that the user is under obligation to report back to the supplier if the described use in the included exposure scenarios do not correspond to the ones on board.

The program Health and Safety at Sea and the underlying Chemicals DataBase will, for the products registered here, be saved for a minimum of 10 years (from the time where they may be left out), but the storage requirements for the chemicals set up by the ship itself, must be fulfilled by the ship.


Edited february 2013

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