Bullying and harassment

Bullying and harassment are problems in the working environment that must be taken seriously if they occur. Extensive issues can develop for both the individual and the whole atmosphere on board, if bullying or harassment takes place on a ship. 
On this page, you can read more about how shipping companies and seafarers can address bullying and harassment in their workplace. 
What is bullying and harassment? Read more here
Bullying and harassment needs to be addressed on multiple levels.

What can the company do?

  • Make sure that clear policies and rules are in place to address bullying and harassment. Communicate your policies and train your employees to handle any bullying or harassment issues. Read more here

What can management on board do?

  • Create and support a positive atmosphere in the workplace and be aware of company procedures and policies. Read more here

What can the crew do?

  • Be aware of the tone and the communication, help each other say ”no” and ”enough” and ask colleagues if they seem to be unhappy. Read more here (in Danish)

What can the individual do?

  • Say ”enough is enough”, confront the bully, seek help from friends and colleagues and report the bullying.

Drawings: Bullying or not?

SEAHEALTH have made a series of drawings about the health and safety issues of bullying and harassment. The quiz will train you to see when a situation can be characterized as bullying.

ESCA - European Community Shipowners' Associations on "bullying and harassment"

The European Transport Workers Association has made a guideline and a movie on bullying and harassment.
You can find the guideline and the movie on the organizations website

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