Crisis counseling

SEAHEALTH Denmark provides sector access to several psychologists who offer various kinds of crisis counselling and other psychological assistance.

Contact SEAHEALTH for psychological assistance: (+45) 33 11 18 33

We can be contacted on this 24/7 on T: (+45) 3311 1833. It is always a good idea to let us know as soon as you suspect that you might possibly be in a situation when you need psychological assistance. Our support starts with the first phone call and continues till final evaluation. Click here to read more about the extent of the crisis management service and how we work.

If, for some reason, the telephone is not answered, you can call our dedicated team direct on their mobiles.

Normally we can have a psychologist on the spot within a few hours in an emergency, depending on where the need has arisen. In other cases, a psychologist is normally available within one to two days at most.

When contacting us on crisis counselling or psychological assistance, there are various practical things we need to know in the first instance. So it is a good idea to have the following details ready:

  • Who is the call from? Name, company and contact details.
  • What has happened?
  • Where has it happened?
  • How many people are involved?
  • What is the current situation? Acute /stabilized?
  • Who has been providing (or could possibly provide) crisis counselling until now?
  • In the view of the caller how urgent is the need for assistance?
  • Where could counselling be provided? Where does the person who needs assistance live?
  • Any contact details for the employee needing assistance.


Read more about how we can help in crisis...

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In recent years, our psychologists have been providing emergency counselling and psychological assistance to ship-owners associated with piracy, accidents, death and fatal accidents aboard, heavy weather injuries, pressure of work, stress, depression, etc.

You are also very welcome to contact us to help with other matters associated with crisis or psychological services. This might for example be if you have a crew member or workmate you are worried about, if you wish to have a refresher on how to carry out a debriefing yourself or if you as the ship-owner would like to check whether your emergency services are good enough. We also run courses on mental first aid and are happy to design courses in line with your needs.


Contact SEAHEALTH for counselling in crisimanagement and/or psychological assistance: (+45) 33 11 18 33


Whilst we provide the crisis counselling service, it is the company that pays for specific use of the scheme. However, we always normally pays the initial costs associated with dealing with the task. In every individual instance, an agreement will be made with the company on payment when the precise situation about what is needed has been clarified. In certain instances, it may be possible to get a refund from the company's insurers.


Head of Department

Vivek Menon


+45 3311 1833

+45 2960 7427

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