Danish implementation of MLC 2006

Amended legislation in Denmark

Ratification has meant amending seven laws (Acts) in Denmark. These Acts were adopted in April 2010. The amendments will only take effect, however, when implemented by the Minister for Business and Growth August the 20th 2013. From March the 20th 2013 Danish shipping companies can get an MLC survey of the ship and request for a declaration og compliance by the Danish Maritime Authorities - then an international MLC certificate can be issued.

You can see the timetable for introduction of the legislation here (in Danish).

Overall (in Danish) seven Acts have been amended (click on the title to link to the specific Act):

  1. Safety at Sea Act
  2. Seafarers´Act
  3. Ship's Crews Act
  4. Ships' Measurement Act
  5. Merchant Shipping Act
  6. Maritime Training Act
  7. Crew Shipping Act

These laws set the framework and contain the powers for the necessary amendments being made as ministerial Orders.

In the spring and summer of 2010, the parties (Danish Maritime Authority, shipowners associations and seafarers' organisations) were consulted about the various Orders. The amendments they suggested have been incorporated in the Orders, which then went out to consultation in the autumn of 2011, allowing the parties to comment on and suggest amendments to the Orders.

Below are the Ministerial orders issued:

The process by which MLC 2006 will be adopted, ratified and implemented will thus be completed over a period from 2006 to probably the New Year 2013/2014 at the latest: