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Experience is regularly gathered from all working situations. When working aboard, good seamanship is also gained as a result of practical experience. There are some experiences one would not want to go through again, such as accidents, nearmisses or just ordinary operating problems. You can use’s knowledge base to exchange or experience these with others and so try to avoid the same unintended events from happening again. The knowledge base provides a collective repository of experience on the risks and dangers awaiting at sea and gives everyone the possibility of greater insight into problems and thus being able to make greater contributions to the safety environment aboard.

All professional seamen are urged to send in reports to and share their experience with others to help prevent accidents, nearmisses and unintended events.

The Nearmiss user group

Seahealth Denmark has been tasked by Danish shipowners to administer, a knowledge base of nearmisses and unintended events at sea. It has become the natural reporting point for Danish shipping companies, providing better opportunities for being able to take action to prevent events from occurring.

The database is a knowledge bank of events and dangerous situations that have been reported, and consists of reports from shipowners' officers in charge of the ISM system (Designated Personnel).

In order for the system to be anonymous for companies, it is administered by Seahealth Denmark - the sector's independent adviser on health and safety issues. During the registration process, extra information is attached to each report. Reports are also compared to other reports in the knowledge-base. General results from the knowledge base are sent to the designated person in the company.

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