Dietary Guidance

Health is now a routine feature of the workplace and is very much on management's agenda. The basic premise is that healthy people work more efficiently and safely. They have less sick leave and better overall quality of life.

Health and lifestyle are major factors in the risk of obesity, lifestyle diseases, quality of life and life expectancy. Our daily well-being and how we handle the challenges of our work depend very much on how healthy we are.

How we work with health promotion

Seahealth Denmark has extensive experience in working on health promotion aboard Danish merchant vessels. We have for example drawn up guidelines for health management for use by individual shipowners. These rely on management taking responsibility for healthcare in the workplace and for involving crew in the process. The process is based on drawing up a healthcare policy for inclusion in the company's ISM procedures.

We can also:

  • Help organize processes for nutrition, exercise and giving up smoking adapted to specific needs
  • Run courses and themed days on how to make a good start on giving up smoking, how to exercise effectively at home and on duty and healthy eating. We have published a cookbook - Food at Sea - which is regularly updated with exciting new recipes
  • Draw up individual crew health profiles
  • Run health promotion campaigns
  • Materials on health promotion.

Material on health promotion

We have produced informative material on nutrition, exercise and smoking for use at sea and ashore.All our publications are given in Danish in a complete list subdivided by subject. A list in English will be available as soon as possible.

List of publications