If you are lifting heavy things in the wrong way, you are risking strain to your spine. This can lead to back injuries and chronic pain. That is why it is important that you are using proper lifting techniques when you are lifting or moving heavy things. SEAHEALTH guides you to ensure that your work is performed in a correct ergonomic way.


Stressful working postures

What working postures are considered stressful and how do you avoid and prevent them?

>> Read about stressful working postures


Design of workplace

How your workplace should be designed

>>Read about design of workplace 

Aids and equipment

What type of aid and equipment can I use? In what situations should I use them?

>> Read about the use of aid and equipment

Lifting heavy loads

What is a heavy load, what are the limits and risks?

>> Read about lifting heavy loads

Good lifting technique

What is the right way to lift heavy things?

>> Go to the step by step instruction in lifting technique


Ergonomics videos on Youtube

7 videos to help you lift, push and carry the right way when working on a ship

>> Watch them here

International Regulation

Appropriate preventive principles and risk assessments should be taken into account throughout the design of the ship to avoid poor ergonomic design and during manual handling of loads. Otherwise, seafarers may risk adverse health effects.


Further information can be obtained in MOSH Guidelines 6.7.1 Ergonomic hazards.  


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