Eye Protection

It is important that the eye protection fits the person using it. Different work demands different eye protection.



Eye protection should protect against:

  • Mechanical effects such as dust, splinters or grit.
  • Chemical effects such as corrosive or otherwise dangerous substances.
  • Light from welding, for example.

Eye protection must fit the user and it must be comfortable to wear. It should fit securely without the side bars or headband squeezing or cutting into the skin. There should be air vents so that it does not mist up and so the skin can breathe.
If air-tight breathing gear is required, it should be treated with an antifog agent.

If you have to combine eye protection with a hard hat, hearing protection, breathing gear or skin protection, make sure eye protection is not impaired. You can find special types which combine several types of protection simultaneously.

Eye protection should be sufficiently large and provide clear vision so you can work satisfactorily. If you wear glasses, there must be room for them in the eye protection. You can also use eye protection with corrective lenses.


Instructions should be provided with the eye protection and these should give information on the protective characteristics, fitting, use, maintenance and storage.

Eye protection should be properly maintained.

Choosing eye protection

 Work situationEye protection
Mechanical  effects Working in dust that does not corrode, irritate or otherwise damage the eyes.Protective goggles with side protection.
Mechanical  effectsGrinding or other work that involved flying particles, splinters, etc.Protective goggles with side protection or visor, which should be strong enough to withstand splinters or for example a broken grinding disc, depending on the situation.
Chemical effectsWorking with liquids that burn or irritate the eyes.Tightly-fitting protective goggles so splashes can not get behind the goggles. Covered air holes.
Chemical effectsWorking in steam, gases or dust that corrode, irritate or otherwise damage the eyes.Breathing gear that protects the eyes effectively at the same time since breathing equipment must always be used with these substances. This may be a half-mask, hood (in some cases a visor) with external or assisted air supply. The half-mask can also have a filter. It can be necessary to combine it with skin protection.
LightArc welding.Welding goggles or visor strong enough to filter the light from welding.