Food hygiene

Are food product flows fully under control from delivery to table? How to keep the pans bubbling so as to always maintain top level hygiene?

We run four different courses:

  • Company courses, specially designed to company requirements (closed courses).
  • Split courses for skills building - 7 day split course with a 2 year training and skills building period. In these, galley personnel are involved in drawing up a catering /nutrition policy and self-assessment program (includes an obligatory 3 day hygiene certificate course) - closed course.
  • Obligatory 3 day hygiene certificate course (open course).
  • Obligatory e-learning hygiene certificate course (Go to e-lerarning hygiene course in English).

To inquire about courses, please contact Carsten Gydahl-Jensen


Contents and dividend

On specially designed courses, we focus closely on hygiene and food safety and we review how ships can comply with MLC 2006.

On the courses, trainees learn about:

  • Risk factors - insights into why good hygiene is important.
  • Knowledge on what the law says about food hygiene compared to company canteens ashore.
  • An overview of the rules to be complied with and why.
  • Knowledge of self-assessment programs and ideas for how you can set up a self-assessment program yourself on board.
  • Awareness of personal hygiene.


Target group

A course with learning and inspiration for cooks, stewards and others that prepare food for personel at sea.