Physical Workloads

The physical workloads relates to noise, light, vibrations and precautions for closed spaces, etc. Health and safety issues need to be regularly reviewed and the more risky and potentially dangerous procedures must naturally be prevented or corrected. Seahealth has developed a number of tools and materials to ensure a good and healthy working environment at sea.

Our core concern is for the effects of dangerous chemicals, heavy lifting, noise and working in extreme temperatures to be restricted as much as possible.

Safety and health conditions have to be assessed to prevent accidents from happening. You can do a lot to improve the workingenvironment at sea in regard to the physical working.

How we work with the physical working environment

We work with the physical working environment in several ways. We have also developed tools to assist in ensuring that crew are not exposed to health risks when working aboard.

We can:

  • Attend safety committee and officer meetings, company and sector occupational health meetings, §16 courses for training safety representatives and give various kinds of presentation on the physical working environment, such as how to handle chemicals
  • Come aboard and help review the vessel for risk factors
  • Help in drawing up specific workplace risk assessments for dangerous work processes aboard
  • Take noise measurements and analyse substances suspected of being damaging to health
  • Provide training in the use of Safety & Health at Sea
  • Assist shipowners with a review of design /construction when converting vessels and in newbuildings
  • Many other things associated with the physical working environment.


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Precautions for Closed Spaces

>>Read about precautions for closed spaced


Seahealth has drawn up guidelines for vessels and ship-owners on working with materials containing asbestos. The guidance consists of two parts. The first part provides general guidance on working with materials containing asbestos whilst the second part is a template for risk assessments for working with them.
We recommend reading the guidance before doing a risk assessment so as to include issues that are specific to the ship. A risk assessment template is available in rich text (rtf) format, which is compatible with Safety & Health at Sea so it is possible to import the risk assessment into the programme.

>> Download workplace risk assessment for working with asbestos

>> Download guidance (pdf) for working with asbestos

Physical workload material

Seahealth Denmark has published a series of films, sector guidance and other material on chemicals, economics, ventilation, etc. All our publications are given in Danish in a complete list subdivided by subject. A list in English will be available as soon as possible.

>> List of publications

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