Good leadership

Management is essential for successful operation of a vessel. A good management team can generate good results and a good working environment. Fundamentally, management is about getting crew to do the work needed to make the ship operate in the best possible way.



But what is it that makes some managers especially successful? This is a widely discussed subject at sea and ashore.

In addition to being professionally competent and a good seaman, there are five things that characterise a good manager on board:

1) Managers have human understanding

2) Managers create trust

3) Managers deal with conflicts

4) Managers delegate

5) Managers are consistent under pressure

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A Good Working Life at Sea

In the Good management aboard section in A Good Working Life at Sea a broad range of seamen say what they feel about good shipboard leadership.

You can also read about five core competencies for the successful manager. These are not the only skills a good manager needs. But these five skills are so apparent in the selected managers that they can be considered a vital foundation for successful management.

In this part you will also be presented with a series of important questions about creating unanimity in ship's management and questions aimed at considering one's own role as a manager.

The book also gives advice to leaders on:

  • Communication and information
  • Conflict management and prevention
  • Preventing social isolation
  • Crisis management
  • Focus on pressure of work and stress
  • Multicultural crew management

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