Good Lifting Techniques

Follow the instructions step by step for good lifting techniques.

Follow the instructions

  1. Get close to the load you have to lift.
  2. Stand solidly with your legs a little apart - it is even better if one foot is placed slightly in front of the other.
  3. Always stand facing the load with your nose and toes facing the same direction.
  4. Try to judge the weight of the load.
  5. Bend your knees and your hips - keep your back straight.
  6. Get hold of the load and lift it by stretching your knees and hips, but keep your back straight.
  7. When you put the load down, bend your knees and hips again, keep your back straight and calmly and without hurrying, put the load down. Use the strong muscles of the body - the legs and lumbar muscles - and reduce the strain on your back by always lifting with a straight back and using your leg muscles.

It is best for the body to lift:

  • in front of and close to the body,
  • between mid-thigh and elbow height,
  • without holding/carrying the load over a long period,
  • with a load that is suitable for handling,
  • with a steady footing - that is to say that the flooring or decks are dry, clean and tidy and that your footwear is suitable for the working area in question.

You will put additional strain on the body if you lift:

  • from the side or only use one hand,
  • with the back twisted, bent forwards or sideways.

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