Guidelines on Healthcare Management

The guideline is to instruct the shipping companies in how to establish a healthcare management system.

There is worked in the same structure as the ISM code with a view to avoid the introduction of new, parallel management systems, and create the opportunity for health promotion to be integrated into Safety Management System (SMS).SMS is a well-known management system within the shipping industry, and is therefore a clear-cut system for a dedicated and binding work in health promotion.

A good healthcare management system is based on commitment and support from the management, involvement of the staff in the process and an ongoing focus on the work with health promotion in order to create motivation and advance a good culture for health on the job.

The guideline is not in its current state meant as an official standard, but just as a guideline produced with a basis on knowledge and experience within the area of health promotion.

Download the guideline as a PDF on the link below, or contact Weilbach on: +45 33 34 35 61 if you are interested in the guideline in book form.

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