Handeling Redundancies with Consideration

Seahealth is now offering assistance in dealing with a difficult situation in which ship-owners are having to make redundancies in the wake of the crisis.

There is probably no uncomplicated, positive way to make people redundant. Despite all the efforts made by an organisation, there is always a human cost to redundancies. On the other hand, we know that the better prepared a company is, the better their managers can deal with redundancies, and the better the redundancy package offered to those actually made redundant and their colleagues, the better the redundancy process will be regarded by all concerned. The very fact that a redundancy is being made with consideration helps reduce the negative consequences of losing your job.
Seahealth is offering to advise ship-owners on redundancy management so that this can be done with consideration and in such a way that those made redundant, their colleagues, management and the organization can move forward in the best possible way. Redundancy services are not just offered to those actually losing their jobs but also to the teams affected, managers who have to make redundancies and company management who have to decide how to handle headcount reductions.

Seahealth provides counselling in the following areas

  • How to handle redundancies (information, timing, etc.). Target group: Company management
  • As a manager, how should I handle redundancies? (preparation, redundancy interview, handling teams with those made redundant and those who are not, etc.)Target group: Managers
  • How should we as a team /department deal with some of us leaving and some continuing? How can we maintain job satisfaction?Target group: Teams /departments
  • How can I move forward with my life/career after being made redundant? Target group: Individuals

Depending on the needs of individual companies, Seahealth Denmark can assist by way of attending meetings, running courses, individual face-to-face sessions with psychologists or internet consultancy.

Contact Seahealth Denmark's psychologist Søren Diederichsen for further details

Chief psychologist
Søren Diederichsen
+45 3311 1833
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I can help you with

  • Crisis counseling
  • Employee retention
  • Reduction of sickness absence
  • Raising motivation and efficiency
  • Raising safety behavior
  • Co-operation between ship and office
  • Supervisor coaching and training
  • Organizational development
  • Mapping of well-being
  • Stress handling
  • Customized training