Hazard Labels

All chemical products are required to carry safety warning labels. Labels with an orange hazard symbol are called hazard labels.


Find the transition from the old symbols to the new pictograms right here.


From 1 June 2017, there must be hazard labels on all chemical products according to CLP.

Hazard labels provide information on:


  • Trade name - Manufacturer/ supplier/ importer's name, address and telephone number

  • Volume/quantity

  • The substances contained that give rise to the hazard classification

  • Hazard pictograms

  • Signal word - either Hazard or Warning (Hazard means the greatest risk)

  • H (Hazard) statements

  • P (Precautionary) statements

  • EUH statement (special EU statements)

The paint code number should also be given on the label for paint, cleaners, glue, degreasers or thinners. If the code number is not on the label, the supplier must provide it in writing in some other way.

When transferring contents to a new container, ALWAYS copy the hazard label to the new container so users know what is in it and the precautions to be taken in the event of an accident. The label does not provide workplace user instructions, which give further details of how to handle the product.

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