Hygiene in the Galley

It is essential for all seafarers that they can safely eat the food served without fear of getting sick or even dying from foodborne disease. Nowadays, we know from research and accidents with food what makes people sick, and what can be done to prevent it from happening. There are various hygiene rules which must be respected by everyone. It is a matter of observing procedures in order to store and cook food correctly.




Seahealth has developed "Hygiene in the Galley", which provides guidance and advice for self-assessment in the galley. The package contains:

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The Hygiene package can be purchased at Weilbach

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"Hygiene in the galley" is a tool that is targeted to the seafarers and shipping companies. It is for them to implement self-assessment for example in the ISM / SMS. Focus is on the galley and HACCP. The tool is consistent with the requirement that is in the MLC 2006 3.2 and the national legislation, which will come from the Danish authorities.

A campaign on hygiene

Will the company make an extra effort to "Hygiene in the galley" it can be rolled out as a campaign. Seahealth can offer to help get started and suggest to coordinate an effort for example over half a year, a year or two years. For this there are the following adjuvants:

  • "Hygiene in the galley" has posters and stickers to the galley and mess.
  • Involvement of galley personel in the renewal of diet and health policy in the company. Among other things we can offer a qualification course for the galley personel constructed as a split course. See the campaign proposal below.
  • Subscribe the ships to our newsletter.
  • Ordering sheet for campaign merchandise, t-shirts and napkin dispensers. Enclosed in "Hygiene in the galley".
  • Hygiene Certificate courses and from September 2012 we offer the course as e-learning.

Campaign Proposal


Hygiene Certificate courses

To meet the future requirements of the MLC and the Danish legislation the shipping companies must be able to give the staff in the galley the necessary skills. For this Seahealth has been approved to give hygiene certificate courses. Therefore we offer hygiene certificate courses and from September 2012 the course can be taken as e-learning. Register for our newsletter on www.seahealth.dk and be notified directly about the possibilities.

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