Instructional material about handling chemicals

Mandatory film on chemicals. Instructional DVD and handbook to help those who work with chemicals on board.

A replacement

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Instructional materials are helpful to handle chemicals on board correctly and safely. The materials is a mandatory DVD and an accompanying instruction handbook for the supervisor to instruct the crew in handling of chemicals.

The content of the film has been updated to replace the previous film, "Good chemistry on board" and "Good chemistry on board 2."

Includes also a CD-ROM with a PowerPoint show, which, with drawings and pictures, gives the supervisor an opportunity to explain and illustrate the key messages on working with hazardous chemicals.

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This material is available in both Danish and English. Go to SEAHEALTH webshop to order.

The film must be kept on board and master or supervisor must document that the material is reviewed before employees begin work with chemicals.

The Material

Man cleaning after working with chemicals

FThe film also mentions the program Health and Safety at Sea, when the ship owner should register the chemicals used on board.

The film shows how workplace instructions for the chemicals on board can be used, and how proper use of PPE can help to reduce injuries.

The film consists of four sections. A general section for all to see, and three chapters showing catering, machine and deck, so that you can see the chapter relevant to your instructions.

The material follows the guidelines

The film must meet the requirement from the Danish Maritime Authority " Meddelelser A", which states that "The workers who work with hazardous substances and materials must before work go through training approved by the Danish Maritime Authority. This must be documented. "

This requirement also includes working with epoxy and isocyanate-containing products. At shore the demand is a 2 day course. Therefore there is a special section in the film about working with these special products that hold a risk of giving humans allergies.

A user group consisting of representatives from our Board and representatives from ship owners have participated and made vessels available for filming. The Danish Maritime Authority has approved the materials.


See the trailer to the film Chemicals - take care of yourself and others

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