Crisis Management

Various events can happen aboard which result in individuals or the entire crew being subject to extreme stress which can lead to various reactions. This might involve an accident aboard, or bad news from home, an attack by pirates or a workmate in crisis.

It is natural to react after a violent or difficult event even if you or your workmates do not feel that anything serious happened. It is a good thing to know about the reactions and symptoms to look out for and especially how to react in various emergencies.

Seahealth Denmark runs an emergency counselling service equipped to deal with crises 24/7

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Advice for crew suffering reactions from a crisis

People who have been involved in a traumatic event usually react to the experience and suffer some kind of crisis condition. A crisis is characterized by rapidly changing feelings, chaotic thoughts and other strong, overwhelming reactions.

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Support from the first to the final evaluation

When a crisis occurs, stress typically affects the whole organisation. In this kind of situation, SEAHEALTH can take the load off you, leaving you free to concentrate on the many other tasks that follow in the wake of a crisis.

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Read more about crisis management aboard in the book A Good Working Life at Sea

In the section of crisis management aboard in A Good Working Life at Sea, various seamen report on how they dealt with different crises aboard.

In the toolkit-part of the book, you can read about the reactions that are typical and what you can do to help a workmate in crisis. You can also learn about when to seek professional help and the assistance obtainable via Seahealth Denmark.

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