• SEAHEALTH systematically raises the visibility of the efficiency and added value of working strategically and preventively on occupational health and safety at sea.

  • SEAHEALTH proactively advises shipowners, seagoing crew and safety organizations on how to develop and improve solutions on the basis of user- involvement and best practice in the industry and on the basis of our desire to see continuous improvements. We support occupational health and safety training on all levels.

  • SEAHEALTH works ambitiously to provide easily accessible, targeted communication for individual clients, segmented target groups and the industry as such. Our focus is on anchoring, implementing and making best use of technological opportunities in the industry.

  • SEAHEALTH is a visible, reliable service partner for shipowners and shipping companies, seagoing personnel, industry organizations, regulatory authorities, national and international maritime organizations and training institutions. We are the natural place to come for knowledge and activities relating to occupational health and safety at sea.

  • SEAHEALTH addresses health and safety issues. We closely follow needs, requirements and developments in Danish and global shipping. We raise the profile of Denmark as the frontrunner for health and safety at sea and in quality shipping.



Head of Department

Vivek Menon

Email: vm@seahealth.dk

+45 3311 1833

+45 2960 7427

I can help you with:

  • General questions on projects and consultancy
  • Inquiries on emergency counselling
  • The MSSM conference