Personal Protection

How to choose the right personal protection. We report on the most popular makes of personal protection, functionality and uses.

Respiratory equipment

Respiratory equipment protects the lungs and the rest of the respiratory system against dust, vapours (aerosols, spray mist), steam, gases, bacteria and viruses. The guidelines in this manual do not apply to emergency masks, smoke hoods and equipment for use when oxygen is lacking.

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Gloves should protect the hands against the effects of chemicals, heat, cold or abrasion and are essential for certain tasks.
Failure to use the right gloves can lead to eczema. Irritative and allergic contact eczema are inflammatory conditions of the outer layer of the skin which presents as inflamed, hard skin, blistering and possibly itching.

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Ear defenders

It is extremely important to protect your hearing. Once damaged, it does not come back. So if you work in a noisy environment, you must use some form of hearing protection.

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Safety footwear

Safety footwear can be shoes, boots and rubber boots. The right footwear can give protection against many different hazards

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Eye protection

Eye protection must fit the user and it must be comfortable to wear. It should fit securely without the side bars or headband squeezing or cutting into the skin. There should be air vents so that it does not mist up and so the skin can breathe.

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Work clothing

The basic rule is to choose the clothing that suits the job. Working clothes for special work - particularly dirty work or welding gauntlets - must be supplied by the company.

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