Precautions for Enclosed Spaces

It can be dangerous to enter areas that have been closed for a long time, such as tanks, cargo holds, chain lockers or coffer dams. Toxic vapours may have developed and there could be a lack of oxygen. So check out the situation before anyone enters such areas to work.



The questions on below will help to ensure that the situation is properly checked. Some of the questions are aimed at the supervisor, others for the operative.

The forms do not apply to tanks or cargo holds being used to transport dangerous cargoes. Certain special procedures then apply.

Questions to be answered by the supervisor

The supervisor must check the following:

Questions to be answered by the person entering the closed space

The operative about to enter an enclosed space must check the following:

  • Has the supervisor given you permission to enter the area?
  • Has the first form been filled in satisfactorily?
  • Do you understand that you must leave the area immediately if the ventilation system breaks down?
  • Do you understand how to communicate with the safety attendant?

Questions to be answered where external air is required

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