Pressure of Work and Stress

If you are under too much pressure at work or in private life , the pressures may turn out to be a state of stress. Seahealth gives you advice on how to handle peak loads and stress.


Over the past 20 years, a working life at sea has changed. Administration has become a significant part of the job. Greater efficiency and productivity is part of this but many seamen feel the pressure of increasing administration. They see that time spent on administration has to be taken from the time actually spent on doing the job.

It can be important to be aware whether people aboard feel they are under such great pressure as to make them stressed out in a way that is not appropriate and which can harm well-being aboard.

Definition of stress

”Stress Is not an illness, stress is a condition, that is a natural reaction to an imbalance between the resources we have and the demands we make, or are made, on ourselves. There may be several reasons for this imbalance, reasons to do with life at work or at home. Stress can lead to Illness if it continues for a long time.”

Read more about pressure of work and stress in A Good Working Life at Sea

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The book is available at Weilbach

In the section on Pressure of work and stress in the book A Good Working Life at Sea, various seamen give their opinions on what is required to prevent pressure of work and stress aboard.

In the Toolkit, you can read more about what stress is and you can learn about the signs of stress you should look for in yourself and other people. There are also various good ideas and advice about coping with stress and tips on how to prevent pressure of work becoming too great and developing in to stress.



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