Preventing Social Isolation

Many seamen speak of being burnt-out, loneliness and social isolation as some of their biggest challenges.


Life aboard can be characterized by monotony, few opportunities for leisure, lengthy separation from the family, a restricted physical environment and limited social contacts.


Being aware of crew relations with each other, irrespective of their nationality and age, is a major challenge but can be essential for well-being aboard.


Contact Seahealth if you need help regarding social well-being.

A Good Working Life at Sea

In the section on Preventing social isolation in A Good Working Life at Sea various seamen give their views on what is needed to prevent social isolation aboard.
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The Toolkit gives good advice and ideas from the seamen interviewed for this project. There are also various recommendations from two reports on social isolation.
Amongst other things, you can see how to make mealtimes a pleasant shared experience and how to run various sports competitions, as well as various activities you can consider discussing with the company to prevent social isolation and ensure a good level of well-being aboard.
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