Safety Footwear

Safety footwear can be shoes, boots and rubber boots. The right footwear can give protection against many different hazards.

Choice of safety footwear

Heavy objects that can fall on the feetToe capsImportant: Ensure that toe caps can withstand objects that may fall on them. Ask your supplier.
CrushingToe capsImportant: You should make sure that toe caps can withstand the possible load.
Ask the supplier.
Pointed or sharp objects you can tread onExtra thick soles 
Slippery flooringsNon-skid soles 
Knocks and blows to the anklesAnkle pads 
ChemicalsChemical-resistant material 
Risk of explotionAnti-static, spark-resistant material 
Extreme temperaturesHeat or cold-resistant material 
Strong radiant heat or sparks/embersFire-resistant material 

It is often necessary to choose footwear that combines several characteristics and to assess working conditions in making the most appropriate choice.

It is important that footwear fits the wearer and it should fit snugly /comfortably. This is particularly important for footwear with steel toe caps since such shoes/boots cannot flex with the foot.

Safety footwear should include instructions on the protection given as well as fitting, correct use, maintenance and storage.

Safety footwear should be kept clean and in good repair.

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