Seahealth Recipes

In coorporation with The Danish Heart Foundation SEAHEALTH has made 12 new, heart friendly recipes on traditional Danish food adapted to the galley on board. We call the recipes Meals for Real Seamen. They are ment to be a supplement to our seafarers' cook book Food at Sea, and can be put directly into the folder.

Here are recipes from both Meals for Real Seamen and Food at Sea. Enjoy.

Meals for Real Seamen         

Roast porc
Inihaw na baboy
Frikadeller (Dansk)
Frikadeller (English)
Bola-bolang laman
Barbecue kylling
Barbecued chicken
Binarbekyung manok

Bruschetta (Dansk)
Bruschetta (English)
Bruschetta (Tagalog)

Peach Soup (English)
Peach Soup (Tagalog)
Rødfisk, dansk
Norway Haddock (English)
Norway Haddock (Tagalog)




Ovnstegte rodfrugt-fritter
Roast Root Fritters (English)
Roast Root Fritters (Tagalog)

Crispy Sesame Snacks
Crispy Sesame Snacks(Tagalog)