Support from the first to the last call

When a crisis occurs, stress typically affects the whole organisation. In this kind of situation, SEAHEALTH can take the load off you, leaving you free to concentrate on the many other tasks that follow in the wake of a crisis. SEAHEALTH can give support right from the first call to the final evaluation by:

Identifying whether and how much psychological counselling is necessary
Right from the first call we get, we try to identify the necessity and scope of crisis assistance. Should a psychologist be sent out or can the situation be handled on the telephone? How quickly is help needed?  Where should help be provided?  Etc.
Mental defusing and debriefing of personnel on location and at the office
A crisis often affects many people – both on location and at the office. SEAHEALTH provides help in defusing for example key personnel (helping keep the situation calm) and in debriefing the people involved. This can be done individually or in groups.
Sparring with company managers
As a company executive, there are various questions that need to be resolved. This applies to such areas as managing the personnel directly involved, their colleagues, relatives and the media. SEAHEALTH can act as a sparring partner for company executives.
Help to draw up best practice following a crisis process
There is a lot that can be learned from every crisis. SEAHEALTH can use the actual event to provide assistance and sparring so that the company can optimize current guidelines and procedures on the basis of experience gained from the specific crisis.
Sparring when drawing up internal guidelines and procedures for crisis management
When a crisis occurs, it is absolutely critical to have internal guidelines and procedures under control so that everyone knows what will happen and who should do what. Clear guidelines and procedures increase the likelihood that a crisis can be managed appropriately and can significantly reduce the stress of those involved.  Here too, SEAHEALTH can be an active sparring partner.
Option of subsequent psychological follow-up interviews
Individuals may benefit from subsequent one-to-one interviews. SEAHEALTH has psychologists who can handle these.


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