Tool for The 8 Safety Links

The 8 Safety Links is a dialogue tool helping shipping company and crew improve the safety culture on board. The tool consists of 8 core areas which should be assessed with help from a diagram to identify potentially weak links in the safety culture. When the safety culture has been mapped, a number of action plans can be initiated.

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The Core Areas of the 8 Safety Links:

Commitment & Responsibility - about objectives, strategies and expectations in relation to safety.
Communication & information - about transparency, creating attention and mutural respect.
Framework & Ressources - about procedures, budgets and carrying out tasks (an elaboration is currently in preparation).
Involvement & Ownership - about delegation and employee involvement in procedures and risk assessments (an elaboration is currently in preparation.
Managers & Key Individuals - about the safety organisation and formal/informal leaders as culture bearers (an elaboration is currently in preparation.
Feedback & Evaluation - about appreciation and awareness of the safety (an elaboration is currently in preparation.
Support & Collaboration - about respect for differences, sharing of experiences and trust (an elaboration is currently in preparation.
Knowledge & Training - about managers' and employees' level of competence (an elaboration is currently in preparation.

The process of strengthening the safety culture of the organisation consists of two stages: The Assessment Stage and The Action Stage.



It is important that you get the conversation going and are honest to each other when you talk about these issues. Only this way, you will get results that reflect the reality.

Download the Dialogue Sheets here


Action Stage: Preparing Action Plans

When you have mapped your safety culture, it is time for some action. Fill out the action plans by answering the questions.


Get the necessary and good conversations going on the ships and in the offices.

Download the Action Plans here



For more information and ordering of dialogue sheets and action plans, please contact SEAHEALTH on + 45 3311 1833.


The new guideline about The 8 Safety Links is expected to be released in the nearest future. Until then, the older version of the guideline can be orders through Weilbach.


>> Order the guideline about The 8 Safety Links here



>> Download the Dialogue Sheet (there is both an version for the management and the employees)

>> Download the Action Plans (all eight are collected in one pdf-file)

>> Download the guideline about The 8 Safety Links


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