We provide

Are you thinking about how to handle working environment issues on board or in your company?

We provide tools, knowledge and consultancy:

  • Prepare the company for a MLC certificate.
  • Get control of the work with occupational health and safety, risk assesmens, chemicals, hygiene etc.
  • Get continuity with certified health and safety management, such as ISO 9000 or OHSAS 18001
  • Advice on how to improve the working environment for new buildings or re-buildings.
  • Resolve collaboration problems, conflicts, and high sick rates.
  • Create greater job security from improved health and safety and fewer accidents
  • Boost well-being with healthier food.
  • Improve satisfaction with the watch roster when everybody gets their sleep.
  • Make your communications between company and ship more effective and avoid misunderstandings.

SEAHEALTH offers advice and consultancy through part or whole of the process of improving your working environment. We will help you map the issues and suggest suitable solutions, plans, and guide you through the implementation of steps of action.


We are pleased to come aboard and provide specific advice on health and safety, and to attend officer seminars, courses, etc. We are also very pleased to participate in strategic consideration of how to deal with various occupational health matters, especially including processes involving management, safety culture and well-being.


We offer specific consultancy services - also at the strategic level and have experience and specialized knowledge of working at sea with professional tools on health and safety at sea.

>> Please contact us for a no-obligation discussion on how we might be able to help you


Products, publications and tools

SEAHEALTH Denmark has produced a whole range of different products such as tools for making work aboard easier, Health and Safety at Sea program, sector guidances, films, cookery books, the magazine Seahealth.dk, courses, e-learning and participating in officer meetings etc. We also operate two databases for the industry on chemicals and nearmiss incidents.


Crisis counselling

Finally, we provide a crisis counselling service for the sector. 24 hour crisis line on (+45) 3311 1833


Head of Department

Vivek Menon

Email: vm@seahealth.dk

+45 3311 1833

+45 2960 7427

I can help you with:

  • General questions on projects and consultancy
  • Inquiries on emergency counselling
  • The MSSM conference