Workplace Risk Assessments

In order to guarantee the health and safety of the crew risk assessments help the shipowner, captain and you as seafarer to control the risks on board your ship. Risk assessment is a systematic approach to determination of control measures and we recommend you to follow the approach described below.

We assume that you are using SEAHEALHTs software Health and Safety at Sea.



Risk assessment

A risk assessment is the same process as for a workplace assessment. We prefer to use risk assessment since that is the most common used in the maritime industry.
You are now about to tackle a job. But what is the best way of doing it? And how can you do it without coming to harm? The answer is: risk assessment!
With a risk assessment, you collect and describe the best working methods using the experience of the job that you already have. Experience that you are now passing on to relief crews or the new people who join ship in the future.

The framework and tools for helping with risk assessments are structured around five phases.

  1. Mapping
  2. Assessment
  3. Action plan
  4. Risk assessment document
  5. Follow-up


Preventive measures

We have gathered a list of prevention principles you can use against risks.

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We collected various definitions you may use in your risk assessment job. It will give you common ground on your perceptions when assessing the risks.

>> Read more about definnitions

Risk assessments for sand and gravel ships

Seafarers coming from the sand and gravel ship did on a workshop create some sector specific risk assessments. You can down load the risk assessments from below link:

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